How To Become A Millionaire || Q&A with M1’s Whole-Life Millionaire Panel

How often do you get to speak to a Whole-Life Millionaire and ask them questions on how they achieved success in each aspect of their lives? 

On this episode of the Rock Your Money, Rock Your Life podcast, I have the privilege of doing just that and interviewing some of M1’s very own Whole-Life Millionaires on how they pushed through obstacles to create financial freedom and lives they are truly excited about.⠀

Here’s a glimpse of who they are:⠀


Mike Sjogren went from being a full-time CPA to retiring himself, his wife, and his mother in less than 18 months!⠀

Michael Jones leveraged my M1 Mastermind community to grow his real estate portfolio substantially and become a Whole-Life Millionaire.⠀

Carolyn Colleen went from standing in line at the Salvation Army as a single mother to earning a Ph.D., launching and scaling a business to replace her 6-figure income⠀

Steve and Linzee Ciprani own multiple businesses, properties, have increased their net worth to surpass the millionaire mark, and are just getting warmed up!

“If you're tired of starting over, stop quitting.

Key Takeaways

“Get into a conversation with someone that knows more than you. Get into a room where you’re the ‘dumbest’ person and you will make a dramatic change.”

“What we [M1] ultimately want, is for you to have freedom.”

“A Lot of people threw covid around as an excuse. I bought a hotel in the middle of covid and it has done fantastic. Don’t always believe what people say.” – Mike Sjogren

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