Climb The Right Mountain with Tony Martignetti – Navigate Your Way To An Inspired Life

Are you working on the things that you really love? 

So many people think that in order to achieve success they must push their passions aside and focus only on making money.

But taking this route often leads to depression, burnout, and feeling like you lack purpose in your life.

Tony Martignetti was making epic strides in finance and leading biotech companies. He was filling up his wealth jar . . .  but this was at the expense of everything he enjoyed.

Tony fell into a deep depression trying to find fulfillment in these positions. 

It wasn’t until he took a step back and looked at his life that he realized he’d been neglecting his passion for creativity. 

Tony has since found fulfillment in helping people unlock their full potential as leaders and achieve clarity in their lives in order to be energized, fully present, and unstoppable!

In this episode of the Rock Your Money, Rock Your Life, Tony and I discuss what it means to be living in your purpose, why many perspectives are far better than one, and how to start looking at your life through a positive lens.

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • The power of accountability
  • Why you should never give up on your passion
  • How to use the 6 human needs
  • And much more!

“We need to live a life that’s full of hope, that’s full of purpose, and really in line with who you are as a person.”

Topics Covered:

00:00 – The M1 Mastermind

01:10 – Intro to Tony

03:00 – Don’t hide away from your gifts

06:24 – Searching for a meaningful life

07:20 – Thriving in the Biotech space

09:40 – Rock your money – win the money game

13:08 – The 6 human needs  

16:00 – Climb the right mountain

19:11 – Looking through a positive lense 

21:23 – Navigating depression and suicidal thoughts

27:00 – The power of multiple perspectives

30:00 – Accountability

32:45 – Connect with Tony  

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