How To Overcome Trauma & Addiction with Sam Qurashi

What is your addiction? 

We tend to think of drugs or alcohol, but addiction shows up in many ways . . . like work or even your cell phone. 

We use these addictions to escape.

To forget about trauma and pain.. 

It’s only when we address the trauma – when we face the pain – that we are able to let go, overcome the fear, and vanquish the addictions that are holding us back.

After almost a decade of work and helping over 10,000 patients, Sam Qurashi decided to walk away from his psychiatric residency at an addiction hospital.

He realized that the people he treated turned to drugs as a quick fix instead of dealing with the root cause of the problem. 

Sam believes that “our focus should be on education over medication,” and that there is a more effective way to help people heal and overcome their addictions and past traumas. 

As a result, Sam has dedicated his life to helping people remove the crippling mental block that is keeping them trapped and unable to live their best lives.

In this episode of the Rock Your Money, Rock Your Life, Sam and I discuss the best ways to overcome triggers when it comes to trauma and addiction, why he decided to leave his residency as a psychiatrist, and why we need to create awareness before we can create change. 

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • The truth about fear and the future
  • How to process emotions and triggers
  • Why our triggers are, in some way, a reflection of the truth
  • And much more!

“Awareness is the first step to change. The moment you are aware of what’s wrong, you can make it right. The moment you are aware of what needs to change, now you have the power to change it.”

Topics Covered:

00:00 – Rock Your Money, Rock Your Life

01:27 – Intro to Sam 

03:00 – Compromising your standards 

06:18 – Growing up with different cultures

11:00 – Substituting addictions 

12:53 – Working in an addiction hospital

16:00 – Education over medication 

17:50 – A human need to belong  

23:33 – The truth about fear

29:13 – Helpless and hopeless

33:40 – Emotional healing and processing

40:16 – HOW you feel is everything

46:55 – Attention and fragmentation 

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