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There’s no doubt that the world has drastically changed since the beginning of 2020 when we were thrown into a global pandemic. 

Today, more people than ever are working from home, shopping online, and spending more time outdoors. On the flip side, over 80,000 businesses closed their doors for good in the USA alone. 

What we’re beginning to realize is that certain resources, like water, are becoming less available as a result of people spending more time at home and we need to create innovative solutions in order to overcome this problem.

With all these changes and undoubtedly more to come, are we seeing the beginning of a new era?

Riggs Eckelberry is the founder and CEO of the innovative water technology company, OriginClear, which is delivering water solutions for industrial customers worldwide.

Riggs came to the water industry from a quarter-century in high technology, specializing in commercializing breakthrough technologies. 

As the son of an international businessman, Eckelberry learned management in the nonprofit space and as a commercial ship captain and officer. He enjoys skiing and sailing and transforming the water industry to deal with the growing water challenges of our time.

In this episode of the Rock Your Money, Rock Your Life, Riggs and I discuss the effect COVID-19 has had on the economy, whether or not we are witnessing the end of consumerism as we know it, and how human beings will rebound and adapt despite any adversity.

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • How Origin Clear can help you achieve double-digit returns
  • Why there is a major shift in recourses
  • Why we are faced with a shortage of good, clean, drinking water in the USA
  • And much more!

“If you can’t change the big, change the small.

Topics Covered:

00:00 – Intro to Riggs 

02:00 – A shortage of good water

04:28 – A tale of two cities 

07:30 – A shift of resources

10:10 – The end of consumerism

15:15 – Can we handle uncertainty 

19:01 – Reconnecting with the earth and nature

21:27 – Humans will rebound

Key Takeaways

“We’re being retrained to not physically shop.” – Riggs Eckelberry

“The virus [covid] has made anything that was chronic, acute.” Riggs Eckelberry

“80,000 businesses have closed forever, according to yelp, this year in the US alone, of which 60,000 are small businesses. What happens to all these entrepreneurs? All these entrepreneurs are going to want to do something and they are going to go into new spaces.” – Riggs Eckelberry

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