A Year of Rockin' Your Money & Your Life!

Over the past 15 months since our official launch, Rock Thomas interviewed individuals who inspired us to take action, dream bigger, and live our best lives.  These conversations feature some of your favorite inspiring entrepreneurs, public figures, and talents, from AnnaLynne McCord to Robert Herjavec, to Nick Santonastasso to Simon Sinek. 

Below, we’ve compiled every interview that was recorded on Rock Your Money, Rock Your Life Podcast. Ring in the New Year by re-listening or finally take the time to catch up on what you missed. Use the hashtag #rockthenewyear2020 to join the conversation – we’d love to hear your thoughts! 

The Rock Your Money, Rock Your Life Podcast

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1. A Return to Love with Marianne Williamson

2. Break Your Brain~Creative Visualization With Mindvalley’s Vishen Lakhiani

3. Is It Possible To Become The Leader You Wish You Were ?…… With Simon Sinek

4. Is Shark Success Real and Can It Work For You ? With Robert Herjavec

rock and robert herjavec

5. How to Optimize Your Performance with Jairek Robbins

6. Boosting Productivity with the Millennial Whisperer, Chris Tuff

7. 5 Minute Success Secrets with Karen Briscoe

8. The Sweaty Startup – Build the Life You Want Through Service with Nick Huber

9. From Overworked to Unstoppable with Grasshopper Founder David Hauser

10. Becoming a Conscious Millionaire with JV Crum III

11. Overcome Limiting Beliefs and Learn to Soar with Brad Blazar

12. From Prison to Fierce Entrepreneur – with Underdog Empowerment’s Zachary Babcock

13. Own Your Power Through Vocal Awareness with Arthur Samuel Joseph

14. Revitalize Your Relationship Through Marriage Fitness with Mort Fertel

15. Conquering Addiction and Transforming Your Life with Omar Pinto

16. Create Financial Freedom While Doing What You Love with Gerald Rogers

17. Invest in Your Mind, Body, & Spirit with Endurance Challenge Curator Marc Hodulich

18. Capturing Memories and Creating a Legacy of Love with Ken Wimberly

19. Find Your Path & Push Your Limits with Millennial Mastermind’s Brad Mulvey

20. How to Live a Legendary Life with Tommy Breedlove

21. Break Free of Trauma’s Chains with the Love Storm – AnnaLynne McCord

22. Become the Influencer You were Meant to Be with Rick Morris

23. Unleash the Hero Within with Melissa Krivachek

24. Discover Your True Self with Jumblethink’s Michael Woodward

25. The Power of Self-Awareness with Humans 2.0 Host Mark Metry

26. Hack Your Learning, Reading, & Memory Skills with SuperHuman Academy Founder Jonathan Levi

27. Create a Whole New Life with Lucia Giovannini

28. Living in Gratitude with Wally Carmichael of Men of Abundance

Preston Smiles, Alexi Panos & Rock

29. How to Love Louder with Preston Smiles

30. Don’t Let Your Struggle Become Your Standard with Jose Flores

31. Build Your Business So it Can Thrive Without You with Paul Maskill

32. Investing For Freedom with Mike Ayala

33. The Simple Formula To Success with LURN Founder Anik Singal

34. From Victim To Victor with Nick Santonastasso

35. Scale Up Your Business with Nick Bradley

36. Built To Serve with YouTube Specialist Evan Carmichael

37. The Power Of Influence with Michael Altshuler

38. Create Your Own Life with Jeremy Ryan Slate

39. What Are You Worth? w/ Denise Liebetrau

40. The Road To Success with Mike “The Airbnb Guy” Sjogren

41. What Are You Made Of with Mike “C-Roc” Ciorrocco

42. Be More Than Just Successful with Aaron Walker

43. Building Passive Income In Real Estate with Mark ‘The Land Geek’ Podolsky

44. Naked at Work – A Leader’s Guide to Fearless Authenticity with Danessa Knaupp

45. Wake Up Wealthy – From Drug Addict To CEO with Brodie Kern

46. Are You Stuck ? Focus Your Energy with Hyperfast Agent Daniel Lesniak

47. Does Everybody Need A Coach? Or Just The MOST Successful People w/ Micheal Burt

47. Can Love & The Power Of Determination Change Your Life? w/ Trey Roth

48. From Homeless To Success & Significance Founder Jay Grossman

49. Are You Ready To Break Through To Your BEST Life? Level Up w/ Paul Thompson

50. Can You Grow Wealth In Real Estate During A Global Pandemic? w/ Andrew Cushman

51. Shifting & Sorting Careers Through Service with Mike Volkin

52. Push Past Paralyzing Fear & Pain to Find Purpose with Marcus Aurelius Anderson

53. The Foolproof Method to Achieve Success in Life and Business w/ Nigel Guisinger

54. From Poverty to Prosperity – Thrive in a Global Pandemic w/ Mike Michalowicz

55. How Your Emotions Could Be Shortening Your Life-Span w/ James Miller

56. From Bankruptcy to Six Figures – A Tale Of Resilience & Love w/ Mindie Kniss

57. From Feeling Empty to Having it All w/ Christy Whitman

58. Smart Real Estate Investing w/ Chris Prefontaine

59. From Rags To Riches – Living The American Dream w/ Sam Bakhtiar

60. Create Your Own American Dream with Snap Fitness Founder Peter Taunton

61. From Homeless To Tech Innovator with Lean A.I. Author Lomit Patel

62. From Surviving to Thriving as a Working Mother and Life Coach with Veenu Keller

63. From A Surgeon to An Entrepreneur Worth $500 Million with Dr. Eric George

64. From Single Mother To Billion Dollar CEO with Joni Rogers

65. Discover Your Purpose with Inspired Evolutions’ Amrit Sandhu