The Billion Dollar Brotherhood with Nicholas Bayerle

Are you happy where you are in your life? If not, why don’t you change it?

There are two types of people who aren’t successful: 1) Those who don’t know what to do and are fishing around in the dark, and 2) Those who know exactly what to do but don’t do anything.

Only you can change your life. 

Nicholas Bayerle was unhealthy, unconfident, and constantly searching for the approval of his father.

But everything changed one day, and it all started with a bag of fruit (more on this in the episode!)

Nicholas became a fit 7-figure businessman, was named a top 30 under 30 Influencer, and has been featured in numerous media outlets such as Forbes. 

He is also the founder of The Billion Dollar Body movement and podcast, having interviewed top entrepreneurs in the industry like Russell Brunson, Grant Cardone, Jay Abraham, Patrick Bet-David, Dan Lok, and Peng Joon.

In this episode of the Rock Your Money, Rock Your Life podcast, Nicholas and I discuss how a bag of fruit changed his life, why he was inspired to create the Billion Dollar Brotherhood, and how their mission is changing lives. 

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • How to become a 3-Dimensional Business Man 
  • Why you need to expose your insecurities in order to progress
  • How to begin applying the knowledge you’ve learned and achieve success
  • And much more!

Why should anyone else value you if you don’t value you?

Topics Covered:

00:00 – Intro to Nicholas

02:26 – That one moment

06:26 – A bag of fruit

12:56 – The search for approval

21:35 – The Billion Dollar Brotherhood 

27:09 – The ‘Big 3’

31:56 – The BDB Mastermind

35:08 – They know what to do but they don’t do what they know

42:40 – Parting words

Key Takeaways

“Over time, as you become more familiar with the process that you’re using, then all of a sudden, we have no expectation.”  – Nicholas Bayerle

“Information, without application, creates disbelief.” – Nicholas Bayerle

“No one is going to see what you see or want what you want. [You] Just gotta make a decision that [you’re] not doing things for other people.” – Nicholas Bayerle

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