The Difference Between Middle Class and Millionaires with Rock Thomas

No one born on this planet has had it completely problem-free their whole life.  

Take me for example. I grew up on a farm with my Dad who pushed me to my breaking point, every…single…day. As I got older I faced real estate losses, divorce, financial issues with my parents – the list goes on.

There were many reasons for me to give up and live an average life, but I chose to keep on pushing.

You see, becoming a millionaire is ultimately a choice. I chose to work hard.

I chose to surround myself with high-achievers and other millionaires. I chose to find experienced mentors to guide me. I chose to be grateful for what I have instead of focusing on what I didn’t have. 

YOUR success is YOUR choice. 

In this episode of the Rock Your Money, Rock Your Life podcast, I talk about the differences between millionaires and the middle-class and how you can begin to make the change and become a Whole-Life Millionaire.

The belief creates the behavior.

Key Takeaways

“Why do the people that don’t know you encourage you and the people that know you don’t encourage you? It’s because the people that know you are in the same place they were and you might be further ahead so it’s hard for them to encourage you.”  – Rock Thomas

“People that are struggling have a scarcity mindset, people that are not struggling have an abundance mindset.” – Rock Thomas

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