The Pursuit Of Happiness with Mindvalley Co-Founder Kristina Mand-Lakhiani 

What does true happiness look like for you? 

Most people believe that they will find  happiness once they have become famous, wealthy, or successful. 

But the hard truth is that happiness is not something that can be bought or given to you by someone else. 

It’s something we have to create for ourselves. 

Kristina Mand-Lakhiani, co-founder of the world renowned global educational organization, Mindvalley, advocates that everyone is 100% responsible for their happiness in life. 

She believes that life is too important to be taken seriously and brings joy and love into everything she does.  

Kristina has impacted thousands of lives by teaching people that the journey to finding true happiness isn’t the rosy picture so often painted for us. 

In this episode of the Rock Your Money, Rock Your Life, Kristina and I discuss why she is so passionate about teaching people how to discover true happiness, how she came to co-found Mindvalley, and why it’s the connections we make in our lifetime that really matter. 

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Why being in a state of happiness will boost your chances of success
  • How your emotions could be holding you back
  • Why other people will never bring you true happiness
  • And much more!

“Emotions are like water. If they flow through, they stay clean. If you put a barrier on their path and they start gathering and you don’t deal with them, that’s when they start stinking.”

Topics Covered:

00:00 – Rock Your Money, Rock Your Life

01:10 – Intro to Kristina 

04:20 – Life at home after 20 years abroad

08:13 – Mindvalley

14:00 – The importance of happiness

19:01 – The theory of the flow

22:00 – A conversation with the Dalai Lama

27:01 – Happiness is a state, not an emotion 

31:33 – The illusion of creating happiness 

35:37 – A common myth 

38:22 – Falling back into familiarity

45:16 – A safe space

48:51 – Is true happiness about meaningful relationships?

52:55 – How are you experiencing the world?

55:00 – What is love?

01:00:06 – We responsible for our own happiness

01:04:00 – Nothing has meaning but the meaning you give it

01:06:15 – Looking to the future

01:11:53 – Connect with Kristina

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