How To Become A Millionaire During A Pandemic with Rock Thomas

2020 has been one of the most difficult years that most of us have faced. The goals that we set out to accomplish were made even more difficult, all thanks to the financial, economic, and health crises that hit us.

However, we have seen many people get stronger, grow, improve, become even more creative, get fitter and healthier, and overcome most, if not all obstacles in their way. I even had members in my tribe, M1, achieve their Whole-Life Millionaire status!

Why is that? What have they done differently to achieve their success?

On this episode of the Rock Your Money, Rock Your Life podcast, I take a deep dive into that very question and show you the difference between those that have struggled and those that have thrived in 2020.

“You are what you repeatedly do.

Key Takeaways

“Most people that become millionaires are the ‘rain makers’ whether they like it or not.” 

“If you’ve become a millionaire, I’m willing to bet that you went out and knocked on doors and you went after it. Yes or yes? And if you’re not there, then you’re resisting that and trying to get somebody else to do it for you.”

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