Epic Real Estate Strategies with Gino Barbaro

Have you found yourself at a crossroads lately when it comes to building the life of your dreams?

After losing his father in 2007 and taking a major hit as a restaurant owner in the 2008 economic crisis, Gino realized that he was at a crossroads. 

He didn’t know whose dream he was building, his own, or that of his late father. 

Fueled with anger at everything that transpired, Gino decided that he wouldn’t pity himself or play the victim, but to rather take action and make sure that he would be prepared for anything that came his way.

Today, Gino Barbaro is an investor, business owner, author, entrepreneur, and loving husband and father. He is the co-founder of Jake &​ Gino, a multifamily real estate education company that offers coaching and training in real estate founded upon their proprietary framework of Buy Right, Manage Right &​ Finance Right.

Gino is also the best-selling author of three books, Wheelbarrow Profits, The Honey Bee, and Family, Food and the Friars.  

In this episode of the Rock Your Money, Rock Your Life podcast, Gino and I discuss how the world has changed around us in ways that we never anticipated, how he went from taking a massive hit in 2008 to owning over 1600 doors, and why he loves teaching others to be successful in real estate.

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • How much money you can make “per door” in real estate investing
  • Why becoming a student and learning from street smart mentors will accelerate your success
  • The importance of pushing your emotions aside in times of crisis
  • And much more!

Revenue is vanity, profit margins are sanity, and cash is king.

Topics Covered:

00:00 – Intro to Gino

01:57 – The new normal 

06:00 – Breathe and slow down

08:16 – Who’s dream are you building?

12:06 – Money to be made

14:55 – It’s not what you think you know

16:39 – The next 5 years

18:49 – A student of Jake and Gino

20:50 – Become a student

22:47 – Out in the field

25:26 – Connect with Gino

Key Takeaways

“For me, it really came down to, there’s a huge problem [covid], let’s assess it, let’s not overreact, we don’t know what’s gonna happen. Look at it from an analytical perspective #1, a logical perspective #2, and obviously, the third one is the emotional perspective. But Don’t lead with emotions.” Gino Barbaro

“Life coaching was one of those pivotal moments where, not only did it help me personally, but it helped me start helping others.” Gino Barbaro

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