From Surviving to Thriving as a Working Mother and Life Coach with Veenu Keller

Veenu Keller was 6 years old when she realized that she was different. Being the only person of color in her community, Veenu was teased until her bullies’ words became her own internal dialogue.

She was only 13 years old when the suicidal thoughts began and 15 years old when she attempted to take her life for the first time. By the age of 18, and in search of happiness, Veenu got married and had 2 children. 12 years later, she was a single mother praying for the day that she could leave this earth, wondering why life kept on beating and breaking her down. 

Then one day, just as Veenu thought that all hope was lost, she attended a life-changing seminar. She realized that she has a gift. She realized that everything that has happened in her life has happened FOR her and not TO her. 

Veenu realized that all the trials and tribulations that she experienced had made her stronger than ever before, and had given her the ability to help others who are in similar situations. Veenu Keller is now known as The Family TurnAround Expert, Certified Life Coach, Behavioral Consultant, and a bestselling author. 

More than that, she is a heart-centered family interventionist who possesses deep and abiding wisdom that allows her to come into any family experiencing dissonance and crack the code needed to bring them peace and harmony.

Today, Veenu is a loving mother of 6 children, best selling author, a certified Tony Robbins Life Coach, Behavior consultant, founder of The In Home Family TurnAround Program, and public speaker.

On this episode of the Rock Your Money, Rock Your Life podcast, Veenu and I discuss what the Family In-Home TurnAround is, the most effective ways in encouraging and communicating with your children, and how we need to let go of our own baggage first before attempting to be our best selves. 

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • How our filters can alter how you see the world and how the world sees you 
  • Why so many parents treat their children as their ‘property’
  • How being given labels as a child can have a dramatic effect on that child’s future
  • And much more!

Teach your children they are enough.

Topics Covered:

00:00 – Intro to Veenu

02:40 – Family In-home Turnaround

04:28 – Becoming aware

06:22 – Who are you today?

10:11 – It’s time to heal

13:10 – Behind closed doors

17:26 – Connecting with Veenu

19:12 – Labels that we grow up with 

23:00 – Filters through which we look at the world 

29:15 – Mentors and course correction 

30:28 – Parting words

Key Takeaways

“Our kids are not our property. They’re a gift to us to love and guide to be independent individuals.” – Veenu Keller

“Your communication and your words are very powerful.”  – Veenu Keller

“Think – What baggage do we need to release so we can be the best version of us so we can show up better for our kids, for us, and our spouse?” – Veenu Keller

“Let’s get curious and not critical.” – Veenu Keller

“Be true to yourself. Everyday wake up asking yourself a better question to get a better answer.” – Veenu Keller

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